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Paradise Spirits leverages worldwide industry network and business experience to produce and distribute high quality spirits globally. We inject working capital to build brand awareness, secure new markets and invest in infrastructure to support growth.

Our goal is to become a game-changer in the spirit industry by applying our proven experience and knowledge from multiple industries and business sectors.

El Tequileño Platinum Tequila

el tequileño

El Tequileño has been made in the town of Tequila, Mexico since 1959. El Tequileño is crafted using pure natural volcanic spring water and the ripest agave from the Highlands of Jalisco.


The resulting sweet nectar is fermented with yeast influenced by our 150 year old mango trees and distilled in copper pot stills to produce an exceptionally smooth and full bodied Tequila. 

Our award-winning products range from premium, ultra-premium, and luxury tequilas.

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